How Shopping Online for Your Lincoln Works: To begin the experience, we invite you to explore our Lincoln inventory and peruse all of the beautiful models we have in stock. You will find a wide range of Lincolns in various cabin configurations, package options, and powertrains. Simply click on "Express Checkout" to explore pricing preferences and you'll be on your way. Additionally, we offer Custom Ordering here as well - whichever Lincoln option suits you best, is what we hope for you at Crest!

Personalize Your Sale and Shop Online for Your Next Lincoln Model

Have you been ready to commit to a new Lincoln model? Explore the new way of shopping for a vehicle around Guilford, Branford, and Greater New Haven with our easy Express Checkout system that can be done completely virtually. This trustworthy online service enables our particularly busy Madison region drivers and new car customers to easily customize their deal, vehicle, and delivery of this model from the comfort of their own homes. Learn more about how you can shop online for your model, and then get started today.

Express Checkout Makes Things Simple

When you've selected your dream car, it's time to use our Express Checkout. This experience will start after you've chosen the right Lincoln to make, model, trim level, and feature selection and are ready to move onto the financing portion of customizing your purchase. You can choose between financing, leasing, or paying cash for your Lincoln model. Using some information like your credit score, you can create your deal to get a monthly payment rate generated right there from your smartphone or computer based on your financial information.

If you have a trade-in, you can input some information regarding your current model and get the price applied directly to your purchase. If you've chosen to finance, you can get real-time credit approval in a matter of minutes with this easy online tool that's completely confidential and secure. You'll be presented with several different credit options and can pick the one that's most appealing to you. Let's suppose you're not ready to commit-you can save the offers you received and think on it-there's no pressure to make a decision then and there. Further, customize your purchase with warranty and protection plan information, and then virtually sign for your new vehicle right there on your smartphone.

Explore Your At-Home Test Drive Options

If you've selected the ideal Lincoln for you, have gotten your financing offers, and think you're ready but want to be sure this model is perfect-consider our at-home test drive option. We can bring the Lincoln to you if you live in the vicinity of Woodbridge. One of our trusted associates will drive the new model you're interested in right to your door, so you can take it for a spin and make your final decision.

Delivery Methods around Woodbridge and New Haven

Finalized your deal? Signed virtually? Took your model for a personalized test drive? Now it's time for it to be delivered. Whether you choose to purchase one of the new Lincoln models from our new inventory selection currently at our dealership, or you've pre-ordered your model, we'll deliver it to you with our specialized Lincoln delivery option.

Our Team Is Ready To Help With Your Questions!

If you have any questions, big or small, about the online shopping experience and Express Checkout Process, please don't hesitate to contact our dealership team near West Hartford. We fully understand that while the transition to virtual financing and auto shopping can be a fun and exciting way to save time, it can also be accompanied by situations that require troubleshooting or answers. We're always here to help every step of the way!