Keep Your Lincoln Performing Optimally with New Tires from Our Tire Center

The best way to protect the value of your Lincoln and keep it running like new for the life of the vehicle is to keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. You may not consider new tires to be part of a regularly scheduled maintenance plan, but they are an important part of your vehicle that play a huge role in your car's safety and performance. It's extremely important to monitor your tires to ensure they have enough tread to keep you safe; if you're unsure, stop by Crest Lincoln of Woodbridge and let us evaluate your tires for you.  Pictured above is our very own Henry Gibbs, a Crest Service technician evaluating a tire.

In order to understand the importance of adequate tire tread, it helps to understand how you tires perform in different weather conditions. The grooves in a tire help channel water away from the car so the tire can make contact with the road, thus reducing the risk of hydroplaning. When the grooves are too worn, they can't do their job, and that can result in a very dangerous driving situation. Driving in snow is dangerous on bald tires, too. The tires' tread pattern creates edges that allow it to dig into the snow and get more traction; a bald tire in snow will make it difficult to start and stop your vehicle. Even if you're driving on dry roads, bald tires are more likely to blow out and are more easily punctured, putting your safety and the safety of your passengers at risk. That's why it's so important to monitor and maintain your tires, replacing them when necessary.

Our tire center stocks a range of brands so that we can find the perfect size and tread for your vehicle. Whether you drive a Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Nautilus, Lincoln MKC, Lincoln MKZ, or Lincoln Continental, we have a fantastic selection of tires at different price and performance points, so we're sure to have what you need. Our factory-trained technicians will expertly install your new tires, perform an alignment and balance, and then you can drive with confidence knowing your tires are in great shape. When you need tires, or if you're not sure and would like your tread checked, stop by the Crest Lincoln of Woodbridge service department and we'll get you squared away.