Why Shop with Crest?

Finding a dealership that aligns with your personal ethos, your needs as a shopper, and exceeds your expectations based on your previous shopping experiences can certainly be challenging. Here at Crest Lincoln of Woodbridge, located near New Haven and Fairfield County, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional services and extremely customized shopping opportunities for local shoppers. However, that's not all we offer; you'll find that our long history of involvement in the local community is part of what makes us such an important pillar of automotive excellence in the region.

We welcome you to be our GUEST at Crest Lincoln where we want the best for you...

We honor the Golden rule,

seek to Understand our client's sales & service needs,

provide Effortless client experiences

in the Sanctuary of our showroom & our vehicles,

and offer Transparent, fair pricing along with honest, kind financial guidance.

History of Success and Satisfaction In Woodbridge

We have been in business since 1977, owned and run by family. This simple fact certainly relates directly to how we approach our business. You'll find that when you walk into our doors at our dealership not far from Guilford, you'll be greeted by a host of married couples, father and daughter duo, in-laws, and siblings that all work together to bring you and your family an optimal Lincoln experience.

Crest Cares: What Our Mission Statement Says About Us

We also invest in our community by actively participating in philanthropic efforts that make our region better. We highly encouraged our local shoppers to get involved with our numerous charitable events and contributions by exploring some of our efforts on our website under the About Us tab.

Contribution to Culture

Creating a culture of kindness is important to us. One of the ways we facilitate this mission is by keeping a close eye on our diversity efforts in the community. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming to all shoppers, drivers, and potential customers that enter our doors. Plus, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of discrimination. Hand in hand with our extreme care taken in the continued diversity efforts of our region, we also contribute to local artistic endeavors. You'll find that we have many Connecticut-based painters and art exhibitions rotating on a bi-monthly basis hosting art soiree nights where we're able to contribute to the importance of artistic life in our region.

Crest is Comfortable: What We Offer You

We also pride ourselves on being a comfortable place to shop for a luxury vehicle, which can be a rarity in the field. You'll find that everyone you encounter at our dealership is warm, welcoming, and ready to make you and your family meet your next vehicle with confidence and satisfaction. We have a beautiful facility that promises a sense of hominess and luxury around every corner, plus a flexible and accessible sales process available online or in person.

We'll Come to You

Finally, one of the biggest perks to shopping with us is our versatility and flexibility in bringing the showroom or test-drive experience to you! We completely understand that the current climate is not always ideal for all of our customers to utilize in the West Hartford region. We offer you endless opportunities to preorder your dream Lincoln, test drive and new, Lincoln Black Label, or certified pre-owned Lincoln in your own driveway!