Ready for Something New? Lease a Lincoln with Crest Lincoln of Woodbridge

On the hunt for a new vehicle acquisition, but unsure of where to start? Perhaps one of the best decisions to make first, even before looking at specific models, is deciding how you're going to pay for it. This will guide you on which trim level, which collection of features and amenities, and which make and model you ultimately settle on. Explore leasing with your local Crest Lincoln of Woodbridge dealership today to see why it may be the perfect choice for your New Haven lifestyle.

How is a Lease Different than an Auto Loan?

A lease is much different than taking out an auto loan, which is also referred to a "financing," and it's also different from simply paying cash for your vehicle. A lease can be compared to renting an apartment, whereas taking out a loan on a vehicle is similar to buying an apartment. Simply put, leases are shorter-term commitments in which you don't own your vehicle, while financing is a longer-term commitment in which you will eventually fully own your vehicle.

What are the Benefits of Leasing a Lincoln?

Leasing is great for those who like the idea of driving a new car. Many drivers who choose to finance are financially restricted to investing in a used car for the price or simply to avoid bulk deprecation. This is not a concern with leasing, as your vehicle will not be your asset; it will simply be the model you drive for the next two to three years before you return it and choose something new. Leases are typically accompanied by much lower monthly payments than an auto loan agreement would be, and you can therefore drive a nicer model. There are endless benefits to driving a Lincoln-all of which are luxurious and safe, with a myriad of new features to keep you and your family happy and healthy on the roads of Fairfield County and Guilford.

How Do I know If Leasing is Right for Me?

Leasing is right for you if you fit within the following categories or like the idea of some of these elements of the lease experience:

  • You want a more competitive monthly payment
  • You'd prefer to make a short term car commitment rather than a long term one
  • You like the idea of driving a new car and changing that car out for a new model every few years
  • You'd appreciate having the latest and greatest when it comes to technology and safety amenities
  • You're not ready to make a major commitment and be saddled with a car loan
  • You think you may move to a city that doesn't require you to have a car in two or three years and want to drive something nice in the meantime
  • You're planning your family and would like to drive something sportier and racier for the next few years before you have to upgrade in size to accommodate your lifestyle

I'm Ready to Lease: How Do I Get Started?

To get started, simply fill out our online leasing application or contact our financing center local to Madison and West Hartford drivers. We'd be more than happy to help you get behind the wheel of the perfect new Lincoln for your lifestyle.

Contact Our Woodbridge Team with Any Questions or Concerns Today

Ready to take the next step towards driving a Lincoln? Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're fully aware that deciding on the right vehicle and the right finance plan for you can be wrought with big, challenging decisions, and we strive to make this experience as simple and stress-free as possible.