If you've financed or leased a vehicle before, you know the exhilarating feeling of being handed the keys to your new method of transportation. Through all the relentless research, a series of test drives, and meetings to finalize significant financial details, you've made it to the end of your journey. It's exciting knowing that the refined Lincoln model you've had your heart set on since your fateful test drive is the vehicle you'll be taking home. At Crest Lincoln of Woodbridge, we're proud to present a finance center with the same air of refinement as our Lincoln inventory.

As you move further into the process of securing a Lincoln, you'll start to have an idea of whether entering a leasing contract or establishing a financing plan to own that model will align better with your lifestyle and financial history. If you're uncertain about which solution is right, that is what our finance center staff meet and discuss options with each customer. You are a unique visitor at Crest Lincoln of Woodbridge, and that is how we will treat you.

You can read more about the processes of leasing or financing one of our Lincoln models by visiting our online finance center before or after you've conducted a test drive or two. You can always touch base with our financial experts at any time during the process to ask about leasing terms or securing GAP Coverage on the Lincoln model you plan to finance. We want to bolster the level of confidence our customers feel when they enter the final step of the Lincoln journey in Woodbridge.

To reach that exhilarating moment of receiving the keys to your new Lincoln SUV or sedan, you'll need to decide whether the Lincoln model that won you over is one you want to lease temporarily or own for the next several years. Leverage the knowledge of our auto-financing professionals to send you toward the leasing or financing path today!

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